Based in Los Angeles, Oyster Wilds is the hobby of an animal loving vegan. 

During free time, Jacqueline travels and produces styled editorials with animal sanctuaries around the world. With the hopes of bringing more awareness to these organizations. And a goal for these non-profits to receive more donations from supporters.

With a background in fashion and lifestyle; launching contemporary Australian labels within the U.S. Taking brand sales from zero to profits over fifteen million annually. Executed through wholesaling to retail corporations across the U.S and Europe and successfully managing brand strategy for these regions.

This plant-based activist lost interests in specializing in roles across agencies, in-house consultation and conquering the field of being an over-hyped boss with zero sleep. The excitement of taking last minute international flights, working out of airports and living out of a suitcase wore off. Often saying, managing the bridge between business and design; wholesales, production housing, brand strategy, art direction, styling and creative team producing; was just not that fun when the clients' message did not align with her own personal values.

And so the question lingered, how can one combine academic and multicultural creative solutions with the advantage of having a Eurasian, international culture?

Thus, came Oyster Wilds. A place where all passions collide. Animals, travel, and style.

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