Visit The Gentle Barn Animal Sanctuary - California

Donkeys, Rosie and Hope displayed such curiosity.  Once you park your car at The Gentle Barn, they are your first exposure to the animals on the sanctuary grounds.   However, the volunteers request you do not pat them, until you pay your $20 entrance fee and sign your disclosures.   I failed at this, due to such a friendly greeting from the donkeys.   They were so adorable. I began to talk to them and they each found my advances of chin scratches tempting.  One of the volunteers gave the backgrounds of Rosie and Hope and after hearing it, I was shocked they were so trusting of humans again.  This just proves, how well their rehabilitation is going.  

If you visit this sanctuary, here's a hint, do not bring pretty flowers. Rosie and Hope thought they were treats. I felt guilty for not bringing carrots.  But the sanctuary rules are no outside food is allowed.   So, I had to provide these donkeys with a different exchange.  Lots of love, kisses and some little melody hums.   It sufficed.

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Photography Concept by @OysterWilds 

Style by @OysterWilds

Photos by @ChampagneUnicorns